Install this webapp on your device: tap and then Add to homescreen.


School Info Entry

As per Need Arise

Edit of school info and entry of unlisted or New school discovered in the area.

Call Plan Entry

Daily or Weekly

Entry of activity call plan. Also shows activity history. Set target accounts to work on for the day or for the week.

Activity Entry

Daily or Weekly

Entry of selling activities done during field visits, online communication, office-based activities.

Expense Entry

Daily or Weekly

Entry of Expenses incurred during field visits, personal expenses, and vehicle mileage.

Cost Proposal Agreement

Create your proposal agreement and send it directly to your client via

Special Project Request

Create SP request here for easier review and faster processing and release. 

Order Form

Create Sales Order using this form. Use it now for ADDITIONAL ORDERS. Print after submission.

SPR Monitoring

Monitor the status of your SP Request and be updated for any concerns of other departments.

Order Monitoring

Monitor Order status here.

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